🎨Brand, Logos & Usage

Please read our brand guidelines before using the TonUP logo and assets.

The branding is as important as all rests of a project.

Download TonUP Logo and Assets

Token icon: https://cdn.tonup.io/violaceae-pediatrician-wintling-martyrization

What Can I Do with TonUP Logos?

βœ… You may:

  • βœ… Use the logo and brand assets in digital and print media for TonUP related content, press releases, posters, videos if you are approved official partners, collaborators.

  • βœ… Use the logo and brand assets for academic or research purpose, if the attributes is given properly.

  • βœ… Use the logo and brand assets for media coverage, reports, videos and articles when the topic relates to TonUP.

🚫 You may not:​

  • 🚫 Use the logo and brand assets for any unapproved commercial use of creating or producing goods, both digitally and physically.

  • 🚫 Use the logo and brand assets or any derivative works in brand name and logos that servers parties that can conflict or compete with TonUP.

  • 🚫 Use or remix the logo and brand assets to imply any false relationship, partnership, sponsorship, endorsement or any kind of interaction that has not been approved by TonUP.

Logo Guidelines

General Logos

In the media package you downloaded, you will find the below logos in .png. The default logo of TonUP is the dark version which you will find appears the most often.

If the TonUP logo can only appear once, please make sure the Type.A and Type.B logo is used. You may use Typ.C as an icon, but please make sure Typ.C does not appear solely without a clear statement of "TonUP".

The dark version does not always work if the background itself is already in dark colors, therefore, if have to, you may use the light version of TonUP logos.

🚫Some Don'ts

Background Color Usage

The background color is a critical element that sets the tone and atmosphere of brand's visual identity. we outline the guidelines for background color usage to ensure consistency and enhance the overall aesthetic of brand.

Color Palette



Brand Naming

Spelling and Writing

Please make sure the brand name is spelled as either "TonUP" with correct capital and lowercase letters.

πŸ™Œ Let's work together, thx!

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