⭐Why Choose TonUP?

TonUP is dedicated to making cryptocurrency investment accessible, secure, and profitable for a wide range of investors. We meticulously assess every project based on economic models, team capabilities, and community scale, to ensure a successful launch. To enhance the safety of our valued community members, we implement a stringent protection plan tailored specifically to different projects.

Project Assessments and Curation

At TonUP, we employ a thoughtful strategy for carefully curating cryptocurrency projects. Our selection process extensively reviews the underlying economic models, the competence of the team involved, and the engagement levels of their community. Our objective is to align with those projects that show a strong potential for success.

Protecting and Nurturing the Community

At TonUP, the community is of paramount importance. We are sincerely committed to fostering its growth, engagement, and most importantly, safety. TonUP ensures a balance in the Decentralized Exchange (DEX) liquidity pool accommodation, complemented by a failsafe refund policy. These measures afford solid protection to community members as they engage with various cryptocurrency investments.

Trust and Assurance

TonUP is a proud recipient of a significant grant from Ton Foundation. This grant serves as a testimonial to our unwavering commitment to nurturing potential cryptocurrencies and ensuring the safety of our community. Our mission and efforts are steadfastly directed towards building trust and offering assurance to our community, an inviolable element for our long-term growth and success.


  • The information presented on TonUP does not constitute financial advice. Each individual is responsible for their own investment decisions.

  • Despite our utmost efforts, potential risks may be involved including smart contract risks. Please understand, the crypto market inherently holds substantial risk.

  • Different projects may have different terms and conditions. Please refer specifically to each project's page for its full details.

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